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The main purpose of all following actions is to help domestic industriesunderstand the control regime to those chemicals of illicit production of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances and to persuade them willing to comply with the regulations.

Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) is responsible for the drafting or revision of domestic regulations with its monitoring system of declaration and inspection of listed chemicals for correlated industries.

MOEA has commissioned the monitoring and promoting task to the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).

MOEA calls regular meetings to review the task of precursors to drugs abuse twice a year. The representatives are invited among relevant government agencies, industrial fields and ITRI.

ITRI has set up this website to provide the latest news for correlated chemicals persistently as well as to facilitate industrial people to fulfill their quarterly reports.

Training and education of the chemical control programs are consistently held for industrial people by ITRI under the auspices of MOEA.

ITRI has played a role to assist the officers from MOEA agencies to inspect and to verify chemical companies.